Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wise owl, Singing bird and The Vine

This scripture is from the Old Testament - the book of Proverbs. It stuck out in my mind because of how hard headed I can be. I know God was trying to tell me something when I read this! We all need to listen to advice more and be willing to accept instruction. We associate owls with being wise (not sure why) but it was an obvious design choice for this scripture. 
Singing Bird
This little bird is my favorite! My daughter also loves its - because she loves to sing! Especially songs to worship our God.  Even though I can get discouraged with my life at times, I have to remember that the Lord has been good to me!
The vine
This scripture from John 15:5 is a reminder to me that I need to stay close to Jesus always. I don't do very well on my own!

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  1. I teach Bible everyday at a VA public elementary school (off school property, in a cottage in back of the school). I love using Scripture for my children in grades K-5.
    Your paintings are wonderful. Thank You for the inspiration.

    1. I am not Linda but hope she doesn't mind my commenting on what a beautiful way you are giving God's Word to children. I have been involved with CEF in the past and that is a wonderful organization, It's so precious to read about that cottage being used for God's work!!